Articles by: Beverly Paterson

The Shadows of Knight – Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight (1994)

Initially released in early 1965 by Them (featuring a young Van Morrison on vocals), “Gloria” went onto become a certified garage punk and bar band staple.

Quicksilver – The Hermit (2010)

Even the average rock fan knows San Francisco, California, was a hotbed of musical activity in the 1960s. One of the most popular bands born in the City by the Bay during the historic flower power era was Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Tol-Puddle Martyrs – Flying in the Dark (2011)

Loads of legendary bands reunite, but how many of them actually sustain the vitality and creativity that initially brought forth their acclaim? Not many, that is for sure.

Various artists – Power Chords, Harmonies and Mistletoe (2011)

Christmas is inching closer and closer, and that means we’ll be soon be spinning the sounds of the season.

Forgotten series: Artful Dodger – Honor Among Thieves (1976)

by Beverly Paterson From Ohio came Artful Dodger, who for a brief moment there, were tagged the next big thing. The band’s live shows were energetic affairs, and their discs gathered ringing endorsements from the press.

Dan Markell – Eleven Shades of Dan Markell (2011)

by Beverly Paterson Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. That’s Dan Markell

Aerosmith – Rocks (1976; 2011 import reissue)

by Beverly Paterson There’s a new 35th anniversary edition import of this classic Aerosmith recording by Sony Japan? Has it really been 35 years since Rocks was released?

Forgotten series: The Plastic Cloud – The Plastic Cloud (1968)

by Beverly Paterson Sorely overlooked when it was originally released on the Allied label in 1968, The Plastic Cloud — the solitary album by this Bay Ridge, Canada band — has since reaped the critical accolades it deserves

Forgotten series: The Sweet – Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

by Beverly Paterson In the beginning, the Sweet were looked upon as a true-blue bubblegum band, as they assaulted the charts with the tooth-decaying treats like “Funny Funny,” “Wig Wam” and “Little Willy.”

The McCoys – Hang On Sloopy: The Best of the McCoys (1995): Forgotten Series

The McCoys – Hang On Sloopy: The Best of the McCoys (1995): Forgotten Series

Aside from ‘Hang On Sloopy,’ the McCoys dispatched a string of comparably strong songs ripe for rediscovery if you missed them the first time around.