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“Where Will You Be” almost seems to be out of place on 1994’s Talk. This Yes song, originally conceived be Trevor Rabin and envisioned for a film soundtrack is subtle, with Rabin’s synthesizers holding the melody. Touches of electronic and acoustic drumming enhance the strong melody as does Rabin’s most restrained guitar playing on the album.

The Rabin demo version from his 90124 solo album differs little instrumentally than the Yes version, save for Rabin’s economical solo, Alan White’s snare drumming and synth washes.

Jon Anderson’s lyrical contributions really push “Where Will You Be” over the top.

“Where will you be when you’re not here.
How many lives in this earth time.
You are my soul and this you are.
Two should intertwined,
That’s what we are.

We can, we walk, hand in hand,
All the life,
Be the one, everything to me;
You, I am dreaming.
We have lived and known before,
I feel it.

Where will you lie.”

“Where Will You Be” is as an unusual song as “Walls” in the Yes canon, but in a much more positive way, showing indeed that the world’s greatest progressive rock band was still progressing.

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Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier

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Preston Frazier
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