Projekt Gemineye, “Virtual Reality” (2018): One Track Mind

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Projekt Gemineye’s A Brand New Day is still on my turntable, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear the song “Virtual Reality.” Newly available on Bandcamp, the single from the soon-to-be-released Man of Science … Man of Dreams album isn’t a continuation of mastermind Mark Anthony K’s Brand New Day theme.

The song contains the tight instrumentation expected from Projekt Gemineye. It also continues to blur the musical lines between progressive rock and metal. Lyrically, the song seems more introspective than the prior album. That doesn’t mean that the infectious guitar hooks and licks aren’t here.

Mark Anthony K seems to have spent even more time weaving electric guitars together to form a musical foundation which is heavy yet melodically dense. If “Virtual Reality” is a fair sample of Man of Science … Man of Dream album, then we are in for a hard-rocking treat.

[SOMETHING ELSE! INTERVIEW: Mark Anthony K joins Preston Frazier to discuss Projekt Gemineye’s ‘A Brand New Day,’ the second installment of a song cycle that began with 2017’s ‘An Ordinary Day.’]

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