The Deanan Gourmet Popcorn Factory Crew, “Lil’ Kernel” (2018): One Track Mind

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Songs are most often written about things like love, emotion, societal concerns and the like, but oftentimes they are used to rave on a product, too. Yeah, I think that “commercial jingle” is the term commonly used for that kind of a tune, though sometimes the person or persons who wrote the jingle really do like the merchandise or what it stands for. Heck, one of the most-lauded songwriters of all time once sung of the wonders of color photography film by Kodak and that song became a hit.

The employees at Deanan Gourmet Popcorn feel that way about the product they make every day. The men and women who pop, coat, bag and ship the upscale popcorn in a Wylie, Texas factory believe strong enough about their mission to devise their own, cool ninety-second rap ditty about the company and the story behind the product, and even make a video of it.

“Lil’ Kernel” was the idea of the factory crew, who put together the rhymes without any involvement of management (and let’s face it, keeping the bosses at bay only made it better). The video you are enjoying above was shot according to their script, too. As you can see, they’re a diverse team of different likes and backgrounds, but all share in the perks of working at a family-owned small business that extends the family vibe to the guys and gals on factory floor. True, the backing track sounds an awful lot like the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but old school folks like this writer dig that kind of stuff, just as Deanan’s customers dig the popcorn.

‘This writer,’ by the way, is married into this family but with that full disclosure out of the way, you really oughta try this stuff. All you’ve got do is move your mouse down to the bottom of this article…

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