Vince Tomas, “Anything and Everything” (2018): One Track Mind

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Singer Vince Tomas was just a teenager when he joined US5, a band that gleaned swarms of success with European audiences. Upon leaving the group in 2009, Vince launched a solo career, which brought further rewards with “Hypnotic Body” and “Selfie” enjoying widespread airplay.

Produced by famed songwriter and producer Preston Glass – he has worked with the likes of Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Kenny G, and Earth Wind and Fire – and Russ Regan (the recently deceased legendary promoter and former president of record labels such as Uni and Polygram), “Anything and Everything” steps in as Vince’s latest venture.

Directed by Vince Tomas’ boyishly soulful vocals, “Anything and Everything” features a bright, breezy and carefree vibe. A plucky hook and melody line the tune, escorted by Giovanni Marradi’s nimble and bouncy piano trills.

The video for “Anything and Everything” also projects a good-time feeling. Interspersed with shots of Vince singing and dancing are scenes of a boardwalk. The popcorn gets the girl, and Vince and his new friend spend the day sampling the rides and bopping about, hand in hand.

Refreshing and ultra-catchy, Vince Tomas’ “Anything and Everything” is the perfect summer song!

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