Stephanie Angelini, “A Secret Smile” (2018): One Track Mind

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Glowing with beauty and lushness, “A Secret Smile” rolls in as the latest recording from Melbourne, Australia-based songbird Stephanie Angelini.

Written by musical multi-tasker Joe Mandica and renowned composer and producer Preston Glass, the track balances convention with innovation in a most effective manner.

Soaring with Stephanie’s lucid vocals that reside firmly on the pop radar, “A Secret Smile” is further strengthened by the classical touches of a harpsichord, flute and cello, along with the exotic intonations of a sitar, uda and conjuga. A striking instrumental break serves as a highlight to be had, while sweeping arrangements and melodic glamor round out the session.

Bursting with star power, “A Secret Smile” demands widespread airplay and whets the appetite for more great music from Stephanie. Released as a limited-edition single, the song is also available in a “midnight mix” on Amazon, iTunes and YouTube.

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