Mark Anthony K on Projekt Gemineye’s ‘A Brand New Day’: ‘A Little More Guitar Heavy’

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Mark Anthony K joins Preston Frazier for a Something Else! Sitdown focusing on Projekt Gemineye’s A Brand New Day, the second installment of a song cycle that began with 2017’s An Ordinary Day. The album is available via or at Projekt Gemineye’s Bandcamp page.

PRESTON FRAZIER: Mark, you were very busy in 2017 with the release of Projekt Gemineye’s An Ordinary Day. Your latest album, A Brand New Day, just came out. How does the concept differ from An Ordinary Day?
MARK ANTHONY K: Actually the concept is very similar, mainly because this album and An Ordinary Day were meant to be one record. Due to the length of it, I decided to split them into 2 albums – so, lyrically, they go together. Musically, as well, but I found that An Ordinary Day came out a little more progressive sounding and A Brand New Day was a little more guitar heavy. An Ordinary Day is more progressive and keyboard based, whereas A Brand New Day is more guitar driven.

PRESTON FRAZIER: Please dissect the track “Space and Time (Part 1-3).” How did the song develop? What was the lyrical theme at the foundation of the song?
MARK ANTHONY K: “Space and Time” was a song that developed very much into one of the centerpiece songs of the two albums. I knew I wanted to take the listener on a very dreamy, almost cosmic journey. Mainly, because the lyrics were based around a person waking the morning of a major surgery, and [were meant] to show the mental and emotional roller coaster ride one goes through. From preparing mentally in Part 1, to being drugged and put to sleep in Part 2 and slowly returning to consciousness in Part 3.

PRESTON FRAZIER: Musically, “Space and Time (Part 1-3)” stands out, as well.
MARK ANTHONY K: As far as instruments go, this is probably the only song on A Brand New Day that has as much keyboards as the prior album. It really helped create a cosmic feel to the music. I used a sort of mini-Moog keyboard for the lead parts, and my trusty Yamaha EX7 keyboard for the B3 organ and string sounds. I love that keyboard. [Late-’90s member] Igor [Khoroshev] from Yes had one, so I had to get one.

PRESTON FRAZIER: What are your favorite songs on A Brand New Day?
MARK ANTHONY K: Hmmm. Well, I really love the way “Space and Time” turned out, as well as “Clear Your Mind” and “Sell Your Soul.” “Space and Time” is my attempt at a prog epic, although it’s not as long as most. “Clear Your Mind” is a great blend of melodic vocals and harmony guitars. I think that song might be the catchiest. And “Sell Your Soul” has some great guitar playing in it, very Iron Maiden-influenced.

PRESTON FRAZIER: An Ordinary Day was available in a fantastic limited-release vinyl edition. Do you have similar plans for A Brand New Day?
MARK ANTHONY K: As far as a vinyl version of A Brand New Day, it will be released in March of 2018. It will be a limited-edition colored vinyl version, with only 100 copies made. So, when the pre order begins, get one quick. The first album is just about sold out.

Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier is a bass-playing lawyer living in Atlanta. His first Steely Dan exposure was with an eight-track cassette of 'Pretzel Logic.' He can be reached at; follow him on Twitter: @slangofages. Contact Something Else! at
Preston Frazier
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