Chicago, “Wake Up Sunshine” from Chicago II (1970): One Track Mind

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Had “Wake Up Sunshine” been released as a single, there is little doubt it would have scurried straight to the top of the charts. Appearing on Chicago’s sophomore album, simply called “Chicago” (later coined Chicago II), the song possesses a sound and subject matter as bright and shiny as its title implies.

Kicking off to an electrifying explosion of the band’s signature big-brass finesse, “Wake Up Sunshine” subsequently features a strong and soulful vocal performance, backed by fluttering Beach Boys-styled harmonies. Scripted of lyrics yearning to see a loved one’s smile in the morning after a long and cold night, the catchy tune smacks of earnest affection.

A cracking arrangement, bolstered by upbeat melodies, provides “Wake Up Sunshine” with additional attractive qualities. The song ends on a surprising note, but hear it for yourself and dig the inventiveness.

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