Noah Jack, “Neighborhood” (2017): One Track Mind

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Here’s a ringing, bright and positive melody with a rural easiness and a voice that finds the right notes delivered with the right sentiment. “Neighborhood” (streaming above) has a nostalgic theme, whose narrator recalls his childhood at “the block I call my home” and recounts some of the details from that happy time where he sees his life “in the cars passing by.”

That’s the world of Noah Jack, whose positive outlook is beacon in a world turned upside down by recent events. But “Neighborhood” reminds us that our personal happiness starts at home, with friends and family, who helped Noah overcome the challenges of autism and even flourish in it.

Finding his superpower in music when ability to talk confounded him until age 5, Noah even muses that he’s “learned how to sing before I was able to talk.” His passion has led to this recording and a few others that will become available in January in his upcoming EP All In The Family.

The things that an autistic person like Noah Jack — who is currently attending college — can achieve will astound you. Listening to “Neighborhood” is all the proof you need of that.

Visit Noah Jack’s Facebook page, Instagram page and Soundcloud page.

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