decker., “Matchstick Man” from Into the Red (2017): One Track Mind

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decker. is set to deliver a sixth studio album full of infectious, energetic and emotional songs. “Matchstick Man,” the first single off the forthcoming Into the Red, is a great window into this electric artist’s mind.

Born Brandon Decker, he uses Into the Red as a fascinating look at what has been consuming him as of late. In the case of “Matchstick Man,” he demonstrates a reckless abandon and power of the early-’70s folk-rock period with lyrics of love loss and alienation.

That said, the song is never a downer, as the Arizona-based decker.’s guitars and boy-next-door vocals give “Matchstick Man” an infections urgency and a pop sensibility. It’s rich in throwback colors, yet wholly original.

A self-proclaimed protest song, “Matchstick Man” is never preachy but always engaging. That’s the sign of powerful music.

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