Chicago + Al Green, “Tired of Being Alone” (1973): Saturdays in the Park

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“Tired of Being Alone” has the greatest lead vocal on any officially released Chicago song – and that’s an insult to no one.

Recorded for Dick Clark Productions’ Chicago in the Rockies TV special, which aired in June 1973, this collaboration with Al Green is nothing short of magical. Someone had the brilliant idea to pair one of the best singers of the 1970s — of all time, really — with this group of highly proficient musicians, and to let everyone sing and play live. The track sparkles from the beginning and never lets up.

Compared to Green’s 1971 hit, the Chicago collaboration emphasizes the horns a little more – adding James Pankow’s trombone at the lower end. (Green’s original Hi Records single sounds as if it only uses trumpet and sax to me.) You’ll also notice Terry Kath, who has a higher profile than the guitar part on the original. It all adds up to sheer perfection.

Be sure to watch the video, taken from the vintage Chicago TV special. This is the one where they mostly just played live, outdoors and in the studio, and not the one with all the goofy cowboy-movie stuff.

Just look at the smiles from Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, and Peter Cetera; look at the joy on Al Green’s face. They all know they’re working with the best. And then find a mirror and look at the smile on your own face, as you know you’re hearing the best.

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  • lnh

    omg this has got to be my favorite “Chicago” song! I don’t how or why they came together but I’m so glad they did. I like this version better than Al’s solo version….and I loved his version!! The band’s smiles in the video are infectious and, I believe, genuine. Thanks to Rhino for adding it as a bonus track to VII…..and as always, thanks to all of you who write this segment.

    • CelticGal

      What a pleasure it was to write this review!

  • Preston Frazier

    I love this!