Swifty’s Bazaar, “Shopping Bug” from Everything You Hear Is For Sale (2017): One Track Mind

Didn’t I interview songwriter-keyboardist-vocalist-producer Michael Sherwood last year? OK, maybe it was the year before, but I don’t recall him mentioning this weird little gem of sonic goodness, Swifty’s Bazaar’s Everything You Hear Is For Sale.

Perhaps Mr. Sherwood was more focused on the stunning Steve Porcaro album Someday/Somehow, which made my Top 10 list for 2016. Sherwood produced and co-wrote a majority of songs on that project with Steve Porcaro.

Still, it’s a shame that it took me another year to find Everything You Hear Is For Sale, and even more criminal that the album was released in 2012.

Everything You Hear Is For Sale is not just the work of Michael Sherwood however. Sherwood’s partner in Swifty’s Bazaar is guitarist, composer and vocalist Andrew Rosenthal. An accomplished new waver who had a ’80s pop band with actor Bill Paxton, Rosenthal seems to meld perfectly with Sherwood’s pop sensibilities. As a result, Swifty’s Bazaar has a undeniable dark sense of humor intertwined with infectious melodies and pop hooks. The album is best serves up in its entirety to fully grasp its scope. The leadoff track is enticing and fun.

“Shopping Bug” sets the listener of a course down an expertly produced and engineered rabid hole. The guitars and keyboards are harmonious and lush yet edgy. The vocals and vocal samples defy categorization. The album’s sonic richness is belied by its humor and pop hooks. Of course, Sherwood and Rosenthal handle the composing, arranging and production. “Shopping Bug” demonstrates all these elements and also incorporates a cast of many to provide nuanced touches which are the hallmark of fine pop craftsman ship.

Check out “Shopping Bug,” but stream or buy Swifty’s Bazaar’s entire album, Everything You Hear Is For Sale. Meanwhile – hey, Michael Sherwood, what other great music are you keeping to yourself?

Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier

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Preston Frazier