Projekt Gemineye – Ordinary Day (2017)

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Projekt Gemineye‘s Ordinary Day combines heavy guitar elements with Pink Floyd-style keyboards, all in support of unmistakable melodic hooks.

The lead-off track “An Ordinary Day” segments kicks things off in fine form. Second song “The Future” then builds on the momentum. Composer Mark Anthony K shows off his melodic skills with finely honed acoustic and electric guitar patterns which captivate and buoy the lyrics. K’s vocal delivery is almost deadpan in its simplicity, yet totally appropriate. By the time the electric guitar cuts back in with the first chorus, the song begins an unmistakable burn. Lyrically, K paints an appropriately vague look at man’s path into the darkness. The guitar solo, cast over a crunchy foundation, clears the fog however.

“Funny Feelin’” offers a decidedly moving metal feeling. Mark Anthony K’s opening guitar riff is high octane and powerful, yet the overdubbed chorus guitars are a perfect counter point. Only the drumming seems a tad out of place, with a stiff feel which is in contrast to K’s guitar work.

Since Projekt Gemineye features Mark Anthony K’s writing, production and playing, it’s amazing how the sound reflects that of a true band. At almost the half-way point in the album, K enters with his melodic, multi-tracked vocal which sounds like a mix between David Gilmour and Steve Miller. The synthesizer mid-section owes more to Richard Wright of Pink Floyd fame than Rick Wakeman; however, it’s tasty and fits perfectly with the other elements. At almost two-thirds of the way in, the song’s rhythm guitars take on more of a metal feel while the lead guitar takes off in a melodic interaction with the ARP-sounding synthesizer.

This is such good stuff that it’s easy to almost overlook Mark Anthony K’s uplifting lyrics. “The Journey” has been in a battle with “Funny Feelin’” for my favorite track on Ordinary Day. The song kicks off with a clear e bow-sounding guitar lead over a rhythmic synthesizer back drop. By now, it’s clear that Mark Anthony K, a veteran of the Canadian music scene, is a skilled writer and player.

“The Journey” also highlights lights his production chops. This Projekt Gemineye song shines sonically, with its multi-tracked guitar parts, tasty synthesizer solos and a tight rhythmic bedrock. Almost midway into this epic, his assured and assertive vocals enter, almost as a counter point to the lyrics. Yes, this is good stuff! “Fate Unknown” is a more straight ahead burner showing off Projekt Gemineye’s chops effectively, but not offering the musicality of the rest of Ordinary Day. Still, it is better than most of the metal offerings out there today.

“Ride On” closes out the 40 minutes of Projekt Gemineye’s Ordinary Day. Here, Mark Anthony K turns things back up to 10. The song, moves forward with a sense of urgency yet still displays the musical depth that the other tracks – except for “Fate Unknown” – eagerly display on Ordinary Day. Again, K shows off his talents as an arranger and guitarist, tying together soaring lead and melody parts over a precise drum beat. The instrumental track uses a lead guitar to share its message, which is uplifting and optimistic. The songs recalls elements of Eric Johnson and David Gilmour’s solo work.

Unfortunately, “Ride On” ends leaving the listener demanding more. Fortunately, Projekt Gemineye will release a companion album near the end of 2017, which will compliment this fine work and satiate the musical desires created by Ordinary Day.

Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier

Preston Frazier is a bass-playing lawyer living in Atlanta. His first Steely Dan exposure was with an eight-track cassette of 'Pretzel Logic.' He can be reached at; follow him on Twitter: @slangofages. Contact Something Else! at
Preston Frazier
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  • Matt Syverson the Paperback Ro

    Really cool stuff, thoroughly enjoyed that track.

    • Preston Frazier

      Pretty remarkable since Mark is a one man band.