Lizzy Rose, “Walk the Walk” from Crocodile Tears (2016): One Track Mind

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What a real surprise to hear something from a new artist in 2016 and absolutely love it. That’s the case with “Walk the Walk (You’re a Whore),” the terrific first single from Lizzy Rose’s self-released album Crocodile Tears, due on September 9, 2016.

The haunting “Walk the Walk” is a bold, heartfelt tale of broken promises and betrayal in a relationship. There’s real fire and fury in what Rose says here: “No, you lied dear, so far away; I’m still choking on the fruit we ate.” Elsewhere, she sings: “Don’t tell me what you told her. Your words mean shit when your actions scream so much love. You’re a whore; I don’t love you anymore!” Wow, powerful stuff!

In a better world, this original tune — which falls somewhere in between the sounds of Al Stewart, Heather Nova, Tori Amos and Kate Bush — would be a Top 10 hit single. You’ve got see the music video for “Walk the Walk,” attached above, to fully appreciate Lizzy Rose’s clever lyrics.

Elsewhere on Crocodile Tears, Rose proves she’s not just limited to indie avant-garde pop. On the other end of the spectrum is the beautiful, delightfully operatic “Madam Huntley,” with its hurdy-gurdy organ and lyrics by William Shakespeare.

The song is made complete with new classically inspired music composed by Rose herself; again, this probably would not feel out of place on a Kate Bush album. It’s one odd stand out on her new album, showing off Rose’s range vocally and talent-wise. This young lady has the ability to stretch out into other fields of music, when the inspiration hits her. That’s to her benefit. Keep an eye out for Lizzy Rose.

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