Joe Mandica, “I Just Can’t Wait” from A Thousand Miles (2007): One Track Mind

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A man who moonlights and moonlights well, singer, songwriter and guitarist Joe Mandica not only keeps mighty busy with the internationally praised the Initiative (an Australian band versed in an olio of of musical idioms), but also boasts a solo career.

Copped from A Thousand Miles, album, which hit the stands in 2007, “I Just Can’t Wait” is a poignant paean to his son and daughter. You can almost hear Joe’s heart beating as he waxes words of love, harmonizing how happy his children make him feel, how much he misses them in moments of absence, and how he looks forward to being with them.

Built around a medium-paced gait, “I Just Can’t Wait” spangles and jangles to a clean and tidy country pop sound. Bright and expressive vocals with just the right dosage of twang, fit perfectly with the pretty melodies and arrangements solidifying the song.

In the newly released video above, photos of Joe Mandica’s offspring are a nice accompaniment to “I Just Can’t Wait,” giving the presentation an additional realm of intimacy.

Finely crafted and thriving with honesty, “I Just Can’t Wait” is a surefire testimony to Joe’s outstanding musical skills and tunesmith sensibilities.

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