Chad Bradford, “Where My Heart Belongs” (2016): One Track Mind

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Chad Bradford has been quite prolific lately. It seems every couple of months the talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who records his music in his home studio located in Dickson, Tennessee, has been releasing a song.

For the time being, Chad’s music is available only in digital form, although his worldwide coterie of fans are hoping he will eventually compile a complete album of such jewels.

“Where My Heart Belongs,” Chad Bradford’s most recent gem, plugs in as a smooth and soothing mid-tempo declaration of love and devotion. Torched by a spiffy blues lick worthy of Eric Clapton, the song proceeds to unleash an enthralling exposition of melodic keyboard maneuvers and dense drum fills. Perfectly placed instrumentation, tied in with Chad’s rich and deep vocals which summon a cool cross between Joe South and Eddie Money, grant “Where My Heart Belongs” with an electrical charge that keeps on keeping on.

A faultless production all the way around, Chad Bradford’s “Where My Heart Belongs” gleams with radio-friendly qualities, while still exerting enough of an earthy bent to sustain the stark sincerity behind the moving words and music. Here’s a song your heart is certain to belong to!

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