Yes, “We Have Heaven” from Fragile (1971): YESterdays

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Track three on Yes’ 1971 album Fragile is another solo snippet, the Jon Anderson composition “We Have Heaven.” Clocking in just over a minute and a half, the track is essentially a chant revolving around two themes, “Tell the Moon dog; tell the March hare” and “He is here, to look around.”

Given that the band had spent most of tour in support of The Yes Album writing material for what would become Fragile, and about five weeks recording Fragile, the differences in the arrangements between the group songs and the solo works brought in during the latter stages of recording the album are quite pronounced.

“We Have Heaven” still reflects an attention to detail which became a trademark of the world’s greatest progressive rock band. Producer Eddie Offord intertwines Anderson’s vocals and acoustic guitar seamlessly.

The result is a cryptic, yet enchanting interlude which compliments the power of the next song on Fragile, “South Side Of The Sky.”

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