Chad Bradford, “At Christmas Time” (2015): One Track Mind

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The holiday season is upon us, and Chad Bradford is certainly in the spirit, as his new song, “At Christmas Time” effectively expresses the good feelings we should all be experiencing this time of the year.

Recorded at Chad’s home studio in Dickson, Tennessee, “At Christmas Time” is wrapped snuggly in warm and fuzzy textures. A cozy living room vibe ignites the song and sounds like a whole band is playing, but Chad handles the entire production himself. Guitars, keyboards and drums surround his clear baritone croon, which uniformly reflects the mood of the song.

Set on a folky ballad foundation, “At Christmas Time” gains momentum as it moves along, flowering into a dynamic pop rock arrangement. The interaction between the vigorous beat of the drums, the harmonious keyboards and hooky guitar work is peerless. Wise lyrics, encouraging positivity, gratitude and remembering those who have gone before, also factor into the track.

Chad has shared numerous songs on the internet, which have gifted him a loyal fan base. A lot of us are hoping he will eventually release a complete album. But until then, we are thankful for his digital delights, with “At Christmas Time” posting as yet another excellent entry. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’re still sure to appreciate both the message and melody of this great song that illuminates with classic purity.

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