The City Views – The City Views (2015)

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Following the break up of Perth, Western Australia’s famed Sensitive Drunks, singer and guitarist Dave Wallace met with Mark “Sid” Eaton, who plays drums in beloved groups such as the Jangle Band and the JAC. Adding Tom Goodrick on bass, the trio dubbed themselves the City Views, supported Smudge, and entered the studio to concoct their debut effort.

Set to be released October 23, 2015, The City Views (Egomaniac Music) informs us the band already has their act together. The four-track EP – which offers all original material – ripples, romps and rustles to an engaging cadence geared to keep the listener interested.

A bubbling cauldron of chiming guitars, harmonious vocals, and insistent hooks wash over the City Views’ terminally catchy “That’s Why You Always Take the Long Way Home,” where “Mute,” “Can’t Afford a Wedding,” and “Subconscious Psychosis” are cut of a similar fabric. Crackling with energy, hypnotic rhythms, and a nice balance of melody and distortion, these songs expose the band’s love for dreamy but driving shoegazing pop, brimming with concentrated emotions.

A shimmering rawness and edge, complemented by a taut incision levitate The City Views to skyscraper heights. These guys really know their stuff, and I am sure that everybody who hears this disc will become an instant fan.

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