The Wicked Fools, “Beverly” (2015): One Track Mind

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This Wicked Fools song may bear my name, but it’s definitely not about me. For one thing, I don’t have the ego to self-promote myself like that!

Aside from being a great song, the story of how the Wicked Fools’ “Beverly” dropped in my lap is simply unbelievable. What happened was I bumped into a couple of neighbors at a local gas station. We had never been formally introduced, but now had the time to chat. When they learned my name, they freaked out because Lyle Grisell told me he is a record producer and just worked on a song titled “Beverly” by a band called the Wicked Fools.

He had a demo copy of the song sitting in his car and promptly passed it onto me. Now that’s serendipity!

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, the Wicked Fools are masters of real-deal metal. Layered with propelling guitar heroics, throbbing drum beats, and crisp and powerful vocals glistening with authority, “Beverly” exposes a solid Ronnie James Dio fixation from top to bottom. A thick and sturdy melody also sparks the song, while the rhythms pulsate with non-stop intensity.

The Wicked Fools are in the process of putting together a complete album, which will include “Beverly,” and promises to be one heck of a head-banging baby. So, keep your eyes and ears open for more thundering tunes to raise your fist to and sing along with!

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