Chad Bradford, “Friday Morning Rain” (2015): One Track Mind

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Having played in bands for a good number of years, but frustrated at not being given much of an opportunity to perform original material, Chad Bradford wisely opted to go solo.

Since then, the Dickson, Tennessee singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has been making music in his home studio and sharing his tunes on the internet. Chad has gained gobs of fans in the process, and his latest venture, “Friday Morning Rain,” is certain to attract even more admirers.

Spurred by a lonely temper, the track soon rouses from its gloom, as a sliver of hope states the Friday morning rain will wash away the pain. You know a song does its job when it seizes a nerve, and “Friday Morning Rain” accomplishes just that. Chad Bradford’s imagery is so strong and vivid that it transports the listener to a darkened room, gazing out the window, watching moisture fall from the sky as emotions take hold.

A mid-paced ballad, “Friday Morning Rain” is primarily constructed of pop rock elements, but that’s not to say other ingredients aren’t smuggled into the song. Chad’s resonant vocals are a bit country-oriented, while a bout of lightly-salted blues licks also stage a showing. The rhythms are alluring, the timing is perfect, and the melodies are nimble. Blinking keyboards add extra depth to the catchy song.

Residing in the same rootsy pop rock orbit of select offerings from favored folks such as Joe South and B.J. Thomas, Chad Bradford’s “Friday Morning Rain” is gentle on the ears, but due to the introspective verse, it strikes the heart hard and fast.

Chad sure knows how to pen songs with meaning and motion, and “Friday Morning Rain” is a superb sample of his talents. Click on and dig it!

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