Fortunato Isgro, “Winds Up Your Mind” from The Initiative (2015): One Track Mind

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Those in search of the perfect pop song are kindly instructed to give a listen to “Winds Up Your Mind,” which features Fortunato Isgro on lead vocals, while the Initiative wield their wizardry.

As a way of promoting their wonderful self-titled debut album from 2013, the Initiative has been taking each song from the record and turning them into YouTube delights, with this dandy ditty dialing in as their most recent effort.

Practical and to the point, Fortunato Isgro’s “Winds Up Your Mind” is the type of song that produces an immediate impact. Catchy and concise singing, combined with a wickedly energetic beat, and spunky and seductive hooks and breaks reward the song with hit single qualities galore. A soul-steeped groove also penetrates the power popping base of this tasty tidbit.

Sounding something like the Spiral Starecase joining forces with the both the Romantics and the Babys, Fortunato Isgro’s “Winds Up Your Mind” rocks with harmonious jubilance, and that is reason enough to shower praise. Congratulations on yet another great presentation!

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