Taylor Penrose, “Believe” (2015): One Track Mind

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In 2013, the Initiative issued their self-titled debut album of the same name. Rave reviews duly followed and continue to do so. As a way of gaining even more exposure, the Australian band began filming videos of each song from the album and sharing them in cyberspace.

Clocking in as their 10th and most recent clip is “Believe,” which features Taylor Penrose fronting the crew. Sparked by arresting vocals geared for huge stadiums and concert halls, “Believe” unfurls inspiration in spades. A bold and bright tempo, magnified by words of encouragement, comprise the song.

Sleek, clean, and shimmering to a pure pop glow, Taylor Penrose’s “Believe” soars with feeling and finesse. Tangible melodies and on-the-ball and in-the-moment instrumentation award the song additional acres of accolades.

Taylor Penrose is professional and rehearsed, yet real and energetic. “Believe” touches the heart and soul from the get go and proceeds to stir the emotions right to the end of the line. Once again, the Initiative have released a true blue beauty!

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