Joe Mandica, “Like You Do” from The Initiative (2015): One Track Mind

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Released in 2013, The Initiative launched the striking debut album by the Australian band of the same name. Costumed in a variety of styles, with each track exploding with radio-approved hooks and melodies, the disc has duly amassed accolades from the press and public all over the world.

Videos accompanying certain songs are subsequently employed as promotion, and the latest clip is “Like You Do,” which just so happens to be one of my very favorite cuts on the album that as already stated, is loaded with many magic moments.

Written by Joe Mandica, who is singing lead and toting a mean fret, this live performance of the song emphasizes the band’s groove on from every angle. Bluesy and soulful, “Like You Do” shuffles and sparkles with dancing rhythms by the score before developing into a cooking jam of gospel-driven harmonies and concrete licks smacking of flash and polish.

Just watching “Like You Do” makes you want to get up, boogie to the catchy beat and hear more from Joe Mandica and his extremely gifted colleagues. Here’s a band that’s going places!

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