The Jeanies – The Jeanies (2015)

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Imagine the sweetly salted vocals of Phil Seymour mixed with the muscular bite of bands such as Cheap Trick and the Plimsouls, and there you have the essence of the Jeanies.

That noted, it’s quite obvious the Brooklyn, New York band digs the power pop sounds of yore. But original songs informed by a fresh perspective announces The Jeanies (distributed through Kool Kat Musik) harbors its own special agenda.

Propelled by a super spunky beat and a harmonious pitch, “Gotta Get Back To Judy” slips a hail of juicy bubblegum ingredients into the proceedings for an added dose of joy, and “I Think You’re The Wrong One” and “I Seen Her Dance” ring and rock with heavy hooks and high-octane energy in the best power pop mode possible. Other choice tracks on The Jeanies include “The Girl’s Gonna Go” and “Believe Me Jenny,” while “Her Flesh” stands as a departure from the band’s typically lively fare, with its brooding, drone-like approach.

By the way, there’s nobody in the band named Jeanie. Guitarist Joey Farber, guitarist Jon Mann, bassist John Principio, and drummer Dylan Handelman are the fine fellows behind this great band. Take a bow, guys, and here’s to many more years of happy power popping!

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