Rene and Rene, “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero [The More I Love You]” (1968): Forgotten Series

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A male duo from Laredo, Texas, Rene and Rene featured Rene Ornelas and Rene Herrera. The twosome experienced their first taste of widespread visibility in 1964, when “Angelito (Little Angel)” reached No. 43 on the national charts, leading them to appear on Dick Clark’s famed “American Bandstand” show.

But the song that really pushed Rene and Rene into the spotlight was “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (The More I Love You),” which peaked at No. 14 in the waning days of 1968. Sung partially in Spanish and English, the supremely catchy song illuminated with swirls of blissed-out harmonies and glittering melodies. Sharp and strong production, melding lush orchestration with resonant guitar riffs and bright and blinking rhythms, helmed the song.

Humming with romance and sexuality, the heart-warming sentiment radiates with pure pop godliness. A bit of a bubblegummy mentality also houses the song, giving it further appeal.

Although Rene and Rene never released another song as commercially successful as “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero” (White Whale Records), they continued to maintain a wildly devoted regional fan base. Come 1990, they were inducted into the Tejano Music Hall Of Fame and the Tejano Roots Hall Of Fame in 2001, reinforcing their fine contributions to the music world.

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