The Big Sexy, “Better Soon” from Batsu (2014): One Track Mind

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When I heard the theme song of comedian J-L Cauvin, I was intrigued. When I found out how difficult it was to determine just who these guys actually are, even more so.

The Big Sexy apparently originated out of Levittown, New York and is now based out of the Big Apple. The line up, cryptically enough, consists of Scott on lead vocals, bass and keyboard, Bill on drums, vocals and guitar and vocals and Dave on guitar and vocals. Last names? Who knows? However their second release Batsu (available on iTunes and CD Baby) packs quite a wallop so they have no reason to be coy.

The 12-track album hits hard, with a Guns and Roses/Queen of the Stone Age swagger from start to finish. “Better Soon” is my favorite track, at least this week. The song starts off with a melodic piano opening and earnest vocal from Scott but quickly builds into a driving, powerful song of relationship angst.

Sure, this is familiar territory, but it’s done well. In fact, the arrangements and production are so expertly done tat you almost forget this is only a three-piece band. Dave gets to give the listener a few bars of his expert guitar prowess on the song, and there are even better examples of his chops elsewhere on the album.

This is a great find, and the song is a great taste for the Big Sexy’s audio goodness. So, guys, how about coming out of the music closet? We’d love to hear some last names.

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