Yoko Ono mulls over options for next project, from acoustic to hip hop: ‘Let’s just go forward’

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For anyone who has thrilled to her impressive run of No. 1 songs on the dance charts, Yoko Ono’s next project might surprise: She’s considering doing an acoustic album.

“I was already thinking of it about half a year ago,” Ono says as part of a weekly online Q&A, “and was telling the engineers about it. But, with all the new ones I am planning, when can it come out is the point.”

A celebrated performance with rapper RZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan, doesn’t necessarily open up the possibility of other hip-hop collaborations, however.

“I think RZA was rather special; I don’t know if all hip-hop artists are like him,” Ono adds. “I enjoyed tremendously doing that one with RZA. But his performance was so powerful! It was a bit scary for me to duet!”

Whatever she decides, Yoko Ono says she won’t look back with regret on how it turns out. In fact, that’s a theme for her life. “I don’t particularly want to, but I do think of things I could have done better,” she confirms. “Sometimes, I can find a way to still correct it. Sometimes all I can do is to say, ‘Spilt milk. So, let’s just go forward, Yoko.'”

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