John Oates loves this crazy remake of Hall and Oates’ ‘Maneater’: ‘It sounds great that way’

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Over the years, Hall and Oates have seen their music transformed by a variety of younger artists, but one recent example — courtesy of NBC’s The Voice — hit home with John Oates.

Menlik Zergabachew and Troy Ritchie sang a reggae-fied update of 1982’s “Maneater” as part of the program’s Battle Round, something Oates didn’t learn about until later.

“Wait,” Oates tells My Palm Beach Post. “Did you say someone on The Voice just did ‘Maneater’ as a reggae song? Wow! I wish I would have seen that!”

And not just because it’s one of Hall and Oates’ biggest hits. (“Maneater” topped the pop charts, and went Top 20 on the dance charts, too.) And not just because he co-wrote the song, with an assist from Daryl Hall and Sara Allen.

Instead, it’s because “Maneater” was originally conceived in much the same fashion. John Oates even plays the song that way during his own looser, more informal concert appearances.

“When I wrote it, I conceived of it as a reggae song!” Oates admits. “It sounds great (that way), and I’ve played it in concert that way when I do it solo. It just goes to show you. Great songs can go anywhere.”

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