One Track Mind: Nino Bisignano and the Initiative, “Anymore” (2014)

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Striking a pose and presence dipping back to the elegant era of crooners, Nino Bisignano makes no secret where his loyalties rest. Affable and assured, he snaps his fingers and sways away as he sings this soul-snagging song featured on the Initiative’s self-titled 2013 debut that continues to reap raves as time ticks on.

Anchored by a cool-cat groove, “Anymore” ropes together swing, jazz, and pop elements in a supremely sleek and smooth manner. Beaming with vibrancy, melodies gush forth like water from a tap. The interplay between the instruments is electrifying, with each musician resonating in perfect sync.

Buttered with pretty and pristine production values, amplified by substance and technique, “Anymore” is a lively and entertaining performance of the genre it celebrates. Give the Initiative a big hand and scream for more!

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