One Track Mind: The Initiative’s Fortunato Isgro, “Every Little Thing” (2014)

Plug in, click on, tune in, and turn on! What we have here is a great video of an equally great song from the Initiative, an Australian-based band whose self-titled debut album has deservedly been collecting rave responses throughout the world.

Parked in front of the microphone is Fortunato Isgro, who along with the band delivers a star-studded performance, crackling with energy and soul.

A people-pleasing pop nugget all the way, “Every Little Thing” swings and rings with dapper hooks, bright and bubbly vocals and positive and loving vibes by the gallon. Positioned in a similar musical zone as both the early Beatles and the Bobby Fuller Four, but costumed in updated regalia, “Every Little Thing” is a modern day classic!

Beverly Paterson

Beverly Paterson was born the day Ben E. King hit No. 4 on the national charts with "Stand By Me" - which is ironically one of her favorite songs, especially the version by John Lennon. She has also contributed to Lance Monthly and Amplifier, and served as associate editor of Rock Beat International. Paterson's own publications have included Inside Out, and Twist And Shake. Contact Something Else! at