‘Maybe this new album is the end now for me’: Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant is at a career crossroads

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Even with a new album set for release, Robert Plant seems to be in an era of endings. In talking about his relationship with American folk singer Patty Griffin, their time together in Austin, the thought of working again as Led Zeppelin, maybe even his career, Plant seems to be not just at a moment of transition but at a moment of finality.

As for Zeppelin, on that he is definitive: “It’s not going to happen,” Plant tells The Independent. “You’d have to exhume.”

He has returned home to the Black Country, and finished another studio project with the internationally flavored Sensational Space Shifters called Lullaby and … the Ceaseless Roar, due on September 8, 2014, via Nonesuch/East West Records. All of this apparently feels like a chapter closing.

“Maybe this new album is the end now for me — of this musical wanderlust and the wonderful carousel that I’ve been on,” Plant adds. “It’s like a kaleidoscope: you hold it up to the light, rotate it, and the pieces fall beautifully in different ways, but this record feels different. It’s a consummation of all those bits from Son House to Roni Size to the Gambia and it seems to have some sort of finality.”

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