‘The Queen tour got extended’: Busy Adam Lambert discusses timeline for new solo album

The good news for Adam Lambert is that more dates were added to a well-received tour with Queen, confirming the notion that he’s being accepted by the group’s entrenched fanbase worldwide. The bad news? Well, it’s once again pushed back work on a long-awaited new studio album.

“I’ve been working on it a lot earlier this year, and I’m going to continue working on it after the Australian leg of this tour,” Lambert tells TheBackLot. “But it’s gonna be great! I think people will really be into it.”

His most recent effort, 2012’s ‘Trespassing,’ was recorded for Lambert’s old label RCA as part of a post-Idol contract. That partnership was ultimately torn over a disgreement about his career direction, however. Since, he’s kept busy with a series of projects, in addition to appearing with Queen — the most memorable of which was a multi-episode arc on Glee.

As for when the new album might appear, that remains up in the air. “I honestly don’t know,” Lambert confirms. “It has to be finished first, and the Queen tour got extended, and that has definitely shifted the timeline a bit.”

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  • funbunn40

    As much as I’m anticipating Adam’s new album, I’m thrilled that this tour with Queen has been extended for the many fans world wide that will be treated to these concerts of a lifetime. Certainly the best I’ve ever seen! This fantastic opportunity gives Adam the fame, credibility and respect for his stellar talent that he has long deserved. Along with playing with rock legends that are still at the top of their game.Adam is not only the recipient of Brian may and Roger Taylor’s vast experience, musical excellence and wonderful company, but a very lucrative income that will also give Adam more capitol and freedom to produce this new album. Adam, Brian and Roger have such compatibility and strong work ethics and Adam brings a spark that these men haven’t felt in a long time which has turned into a blazing inferno! They are a joy to watch and hear on that magnificent stage. I can’t be selfish. I’m happy that so many Queen & Adam fans will have their wishes come true and be a part of such joy and great music! Thank you Queen! Adam has earned the Queen crown! Freddie would be proud and happy that “The Show has Gone On!”

  • Lilli Becker

    I have time!!!! I can wait!!!! Adam should enjoy every possible concert with QUEEN,their years as active artists are counted..HIS years not!!!