The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz discusses that groovy ‘Randy Scouse Git’ outfit: ‘I said – Honey, can you cut this?’

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The Monkees’ music was certainly inspired by their life and times — as heard on tracks like 1967’s Micky Dolenz original ‘Randy Scouse Git’ — and then so was their memorable sense of fashion. All you have to do is look to performances like, well, ‘Randy Scouse Git,’ actually. In the original clip, Dolenz is wearing an unusual table cloth-like dashiki for his lead vocal turn.

Actually, it wasn’t like a table cloth at all. “That was a table cloth,” Dolenz confirms in a talk with WGN, then starts riffing. “My wife cut a hole in it — and we just stuck it over my head. ‘This will look good! Wow, I’m at one with a table cloth.'”

You might think he’s kidding. But he most assuredly is not: “Seriously, I found that table cloth on Carnaby Street, and I said: ‘Honey, can you cut this?'” Summing up the era, Dolenz quips: “I’m told I had a great time.”

Dolenz, who just finished another well-received reunion tour with the Monkees, returns to the road for solo shows later this month with a August 30, 2014 date at Uncasville, Connecticut. Concerts follow in November and December, as well.

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  • Shawna Watson

    I like to think that God does all Miracles. I know I used to say that I liked Micky Dolenz, Billy Idol, Macklemore, Duran Duran, Men at Work, Ritchie Valens, Psychic stuff for Lottery, The Clash, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez Hunter Hayes Blake Shelton and Gary Allan.And now I’m goig back to the Baptist Church down the street. And yes it has helped me alot. I still believe in thoughts and dreams for Lottery numbers. And now I even listen to sermons for Bible verses to use as lottery numbers.I even said on the Clashes video that I Loved men and God.But, I see how that all really works now. You cannot love men and God.So, I guess I can still comment on whatever things I need to. And yes I have the utmost respect for all the bands I’ve mentioned above.And you Micky Dolenz. And I know it’s decent to like Robert Newton as a fave actor.

  • Queen Edwards

    Mmmmmm…I just love to read, listen and watch videos of Micky. Just like David, Micky has a special place in my heart as well. One love!

  • Kathleen Smythe

    Love this story. I remember watching this as a kid, and thinking that Mickey’s poncho didn’t go with the rest of his outfit. I was a very fashion conscious kid 😉