‘Heaved it at least 150 feet’: Peter Frampton teaches video-obsessed concertgoer a lesson

Don’t use your cell to film a Peter Frampton show. Not if you want it back. That’s the lesson one concertgoer learned the very hard way this week at Carmel, Indiana’s Palladium.

The crowd had apparently been warned before the lights went down that video was prohibited, though photos without flash would still be allowed. That didn’t stop this guy from shooting something for YouTube. And apparently, that wasn’t all. As one fan says: “It was more than just videoing. They put their drinks on the stage, reached onto the stage towards the bands equipment and talked over him when he was telling stories and introducing the band.”

Eventually, the guy with the cell was warned from the stage. But, it continued — until Frampton, in his own words, was forced to “relieve someone, in the front row, of their phone/camera.”

In fact, according to another fan who was there: “Frampton grabbed the phone from the guy’s hand and heaved it at least a hundred and fifty feet behind the stage while never missing a chord.”

This isn’t Frampton’s first run in with technology, either. He also had a small problem with Facebook’s new timeline a while back. Well, actually a big one.

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  • Clive

    Depending on the location and cost of the phone, that could very well be a felony. I’d actually laugh if this idiot presses charges against Frampton.