‘We’d create some sort of magic’: If Hall and Oates record again, it would be in a whole new way

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In the 10-plus years since Hall and Oates’ last all-original studio effort, much has changed in the music business. Almost as much as changed in their own lives, too.

Albums have given way to singles, and Daryl Hall and John Oates have never had more outside projects — to the point where, as Oates tells the Quietus, “the moment we stop touring as Hall and Oates, we literally change our hats and become deep solo artists — and that’s where we enjoy being.”

For Hall, that means broadcasting Live from Daryl’s House and his new brand-new DiY network program Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall. He also put out a well-received solo album a few years back. Oates, meanwhile, has been collaborating with a dizzying array of acts — work that ultimately was compiled in this year’s Good Road to Follow.

Even when they get together for the odd sell-out tour, they have so much collected work to draw from that there’s little room for new music in any given setlist.

“I’m sure that if Daryl and I got together, we’d create some sort of magic,” Oates adds, but it’s not in the works right now. “I think that if we did a song, it’d probably be a single. The whole idea of making an album in this era is really old-fashioned at this point. If we had a great song, or if there was a collaborative effort between the two us and maybe a third party — I mean, sure. I wouldn’t be against it, but we’re so busy doing our individual projects. That’s where our creative energy is going.”

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  • Red Polygon

    Would love to hear a new song from these guys. Their back catalog is more than enough of a gift to all of us, but a new single would be a great way to send the good energy from all the tributes they’ve been receiving back out into the world. I bet they could make something both melodic and with a hint of today’s retro-pop edge, if they chose to.

  • Alan Fulton

    Oh man, I’m totally excited about the prospect of a new Hall & Oates album, although I completely disagree that albums are “old fashioned”. The magic that happens when an album comes together and really, fully captures an era cannot be replicated. To me, anything less than an album gives me the feeling that artists are selling themselves short. I’m in my thirties though, so many I’m the one that’s, eh hem…out of touch.