‘I am a big fan’: Carl Palmer dedicates art work to late Emerson Lake and Palmer cover artist

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Carl Palmer has dedicated “Knife Edge,” one of his new art works, to the late creator of that transfixing cover for Emerson Lake and Palmer’s 1973 release Brain Salad Surgery. H.R. Giger, who also did albums for Debbie Harry, Danzig and the Dead Kennedys, died last May at 74 after suffering a fall.

Named after a key ELP song, “Knife Edge” was created by adding hand-painted brush strokes to photography that captured moments as Palmer played drums. See it here.

“As many of you know, H.R. Giger died earlier this year, which was very sad,” Palmer tells his fans. “I am a big fan of his work. Brian Salad Surgery was my favorite album cover, designed by Giger, from the ELP days. I decided to dedicate a piece of my artwork to the great man, ‘Knife Edge’ — which was from the first ELP album and a favorite track of Giger’s.”

Palmer says he plans to produce a very limited-edition version of the piece, as part of his Rhythm of Light series. “This is the only artwork in my collection I have had framed in a gothic-type frame,” he adds, “and it has an accompanying authenticating letter. There will be only nine pieces produced in this way.”

Palmer just completed a U.S. tour with his Carl Palmer ELP Legacy Band. He’ll be joining Asia for dates across America and the UK in September and October, then re-join ELP Legacy for 20 more European stops in November.

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