A final appeal for Scott Amendola’s Fade To Orange fundraising drive

As Nels Cline Singers drumming and composing extraordinaire Scott Amendola approaches the finish line with a PledgeMusic crowdfunding drive to finance his ambitious Fade To Orange recording project, the target is so tantalizingly close. With only a few hours left, Amendola needs just a few more pledges to make it across the stripe, and even a $25 pledge for a signed CD+free download could do the trick.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s a summary of the features we’ve posted on this space that makes the case for your parting with a few bills to make this musical dream a musical reality:

Something Else! Interview: Wilco guitarist Nels Cline on Scott Amendola’s Fade To Orange: We sit down with Wilco guitar god Nels Cline to get his thoughts on performing on the FTO and what he values about his long musical relationship with Amendola.

The secret weapon in Scott Amendola’s Fade To Orange project: Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn: Dunn will also be a part of this recording, which means all three members of the Nels Cline Singers will lend their skills to this endeavor. Dunn is a way underrated bassist and just the short clip included in this piece reveals his mastery of the four-stringed instrument even within this unusual setting for the instrument.

Something Else! Interview: Nels Cline Singers drummer Scott Amendola discusses his ambitious Fade To Orange project: The brains behinds this whole FTO thing, Amendola himself, reveals how he came to write the score, why he brought Cline and Dunn into the project, and why there will be cool remixes included from the likes of Mocean Worker, Yuka Honda and John Diertrich.

Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles!) and Scott Amendola (Nels Cline Singers) plan a live-in-the-studio improv record together: What is one of the things Amendola is going to do to raise money for making a record? Make another record! He and creative guitar genius Henry Kaiser will tape an improv session at the drummer’s home studio with proceeds from the sale of the recording through the PledgeMusic drive going toward FTO.

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S. Victor Aaron

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