Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles!) and Scott Amendola (Nels Cline Singers) plan a live-in-the-studio improv record together

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Two pacesetters of the San Fransisco Bay Area improvised and avant-garde music scene will soon join forces for which will undoubtebly be a killer record for those who like to hear creative musicians create on the spot. Guitarist Henry Kaiser and drummer Scott Amendola have booked time at Amendola’s home studio to jam their way into making art from thin air.

Amendola tells SER it went down like this:

Henry mentioned to me this morning in an email: Hey, why don’t I come over to your place, we’ll record a LIVE CD for folks on your pledge campaign for ‘Fade To Orange’? WOW! YES! What a COOL idea. And how generous of Henry to offer that. It’ll be BIG fun. We played in June, which was a blast. So this will be really really awesome. And how what a cool thing to offer folks. Only folks pledging will be able to get this recording. So head over now and make a pledge. Only HOURS left!

The finished product will be a limited-edition CD of which only a handful will be available for sale. You can order one and at the same time help Amendola fund his Fade To Orange orchestral project. Or how about Kaiser and Amendola come to your SF Bay Area house and do their music thing in your living room? Five hundred Franklins is all it takes.

These are but two of a rich array of options available for the improvised music lover in you, but there are only a couple more days to pledge and secure your rare treat. Don’t miss out.

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