Something Else! sneak peek: King Crimson, “Venturing Unto Joy, Pt. 1” (2014)

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It’s not much, just over a minute of music. It’s not a polished studio recording, only a snippet of explosive improvisational wonder from practice sessions at Elstree.

And yet this version of “Venturing Unto Joy” represents something important, something endlessly fascinating: The first new music (shared via DGMLive) to be heard from King Crimson in forever, and the first since Robert Fripp rebuilt the group with a monstrous three-drummer frontline.

The track, featuring Fripp, bassist Tony Levin and drummers Bill Rieflin and Gavin Harrison, was recorded as the reworked lineup prepares for the September 9, 2014 kickoff a series of U.S. dates. Fripp and Levin tussle with a nervous energy, while Harrison and Rieflin make a simply glorious racket.

This new edition of King Crimson is rounded out by saxophonist Mel Collins, guitarist Jakko Jakszyk and drummer Pat Mastelotto.

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