One Track Mind: Marillion, “Power” from A Sunday Night Above The Rain (2014)

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A study in visceral contrasts, this live take on “Power” finds Marillion’s Steve Rothery playing with a focused placidity, barely moving and eye closed, while Steve Hogarth splashes through a stunning palette of emotions. His voice can hardly contain them at times, even as his hands flutter about.

At one point, Hogarth falls to his knees, defeated, only to leap back up as “Power” comes riding thunderously back. Credit there, too, goes to keyboardist Mark Kelly, bassist Pete Trewavas and drummer Ian Mosley, who join Rothery in nimbly recreating this layered song’s placidity and its turbulence.

Marillion performed “Power,” and the rest of their terrific 2012 release Sounds That Can’t Be Made, as part of a regular appearance at the Netherland’s intimate Center Parcs — the perfect setting for music of such delicate power.

That show, recorded on March 10, 2013, is now being released as A Sunday Night Above The Rain, on CD, DVD and Blu-ray June 27, 2014 via EarMusic. In addition to the Sounds song cycle, Marillion also performs fan favorites like “Garden Party” and “This Strange Engine.”

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