‘I had lotsa fun’: Robert Fripp gathers new King Crimson lineup for first rehearsals

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The rebuilt King Crimson has begun rehearsals for a forthcoming tour, and band stalwart Robert Fripp says: “Personally, I had lotsa fun.”

That’s big news, indeed, coming from the more recently reclusive guitarist, who’s been off the road while wrangling with industry-related lawsuits. King Crimson last toured some five years ago and, other than the odd ProjeKCt offshoot like 2011’s A Scarcity of Miracles, Fripp went silent.

That is, until September, when he suddenly announced a new lineup and plans for a return to the road. Three members of the group’s most recent lineup — Gavin Harrison, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto — have re-joined Fripp, along with early-1970s era member Mel Collins; Jakko Jakszyk, who like Collins participated in the Scarcity project; and Bill Rieflin, who’d worked with Fripp and Trey Gunn on 1999’s Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior.

Fripp says all but Collins (who is just returning from a tour) were on hand today, and that a full “itenerary will be announced tomorrow.” (June 3, 2014 update: Here’s the official announcement.) There are, as yet, no plans for this edition of King Crimson to return to the studio. The group’s last album was 2003’s Power to Believe.

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