Something Else! sneak peek: Yes, “Believe Again” from Heaven and Earth (2014)

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Here’s a sneak peek into Yes’ Heaven and Earth, the long-standing prog band’s initial studio collaboration with current frontman Jon Davison.

Though Davison has been touring with Yes since 2012, he’d never before recorded with the group — making “Believe Again” a critical moment for both. Between that, and filling in for co-founding legend Jon Anderson, you might expect Yes’ fledgling frontman to find the experience nerve racking.

“I thought it might be — but it turned out not to be at all,” Davison tells the Prog Report. A rigorous touring schedule meant that “I got to know them really well, and their composing styles and patterns and pace. I was very comfortable with it, especially because we started one on one.”

Davison would take part in separate individual sessions with Yes’ Chris Squire, Alan White, Steve Howe and Geoff Downes, carrying a proverbial overstuffed notebook of ideas. From there, Heaven and Earth — the group’s 21st studio effort, it’s due in June 2014 from Frontiers — was born.

In fact, he had so much material that there was at least one track left aside for a future album. Meanwhile, enjoy an initial taste of the new one.

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson

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Jimmy Nelson
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  • Kirk Tuminaro

    New singer sounds great, harmonies are nice. Song is very happy which is good, and also more pop than prog (not necessarily bad). I just don’t want to see a whole album of really poppy stuff.

  • TheDrHoward

    Very Pop – A Shadow Of What Yes Was – Not Bad, But, Hey, These Guys Aren’t Spring Chickens Either
    I Hear Some Relayer Meets 90125 – Nothing Very Complex Rhythmically or Harmonically, or Boundary-Stretching – Pleasant=Safe

  • NCSUman

    I agree–a safe song. Well done, but uninspiring

  • Yeager

    As a bassist all I care about is what the bass is doing. Everything else is just sort of fluff for the bass to hang on. Squire sounds great here.