‘He is so theatrical, a true diva’: Queen’s Roger Taylor says Adam Lambert shows would thrill Freddie Mercury

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As Queen enters the final weeks of preparation for its initial American tour alongside Adam Lambert, band co-founder Roger Taylor wants to make clear that they are not trying to replace Freddie Mercury. Having spent so long working with the late singer, Taylor isn’t sure that’s even possible.

Still, Queen has stayed busy in the years since Mercury’s passing from AIDS-related complications more than two decades ago.

Taylor, who has continued Queen with guitarist Brian May after the death of Mercury and the retirement of bassist John Deacon, returns to the U.S. for a series of shows beginning on June 19, 2014 in Chicago. Queen and Lambert made their long-awaited American concert debut, after appearing several times together in Europe since 2009, during last September’s iHeart Radio music event in Las Vegas. Taylor and May earlier appeared with Paul Rodgers, George Michael and others since Mercury’s passing.

“When Brian and I give concerts as a Queen, we don’t want anyone to imitate Freddie — because no one can replace him for us,” Taylor tells the German site Bluewin. “That would be the wrong message. Adam Lambert is an independent artist. It fits us perfectly, because he is so theatrical, a true diva. Freddie would love him!”

Mercury, it seems, is never far from their thoughts. Taylor says he thinks of him “every day, at least once. It is, for Brian and me, part of our lives and our infrastructure. We stood together so closely for so many years.”

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  • mercurythebest

    Mercury can’t be replaced because there is not a person out there with all his talents and Lambert, though a great singer, doesn’t even come close. Brian May and Roger Taylor are great musicians and rock legends who still play great today. They miss Freddie terribly. Millions miss him terribly. But like Mercury said, we need to carry on.

  • barbls23

    mercurythebest: There will only be one Freddie Mercury and there is only one Adam Lambert. Both spectacular talents! No Freddie cannot be replaced, but Hell Yes I am so ecstatic that I am going to be at MSG to rock to Queen’s Music and see Queen + Adam Lambert! For me Adam Lambert is the greatest artist, singer, performer, showman I have ever seen live on stage. He just owns any stage he is on with a voice that is a gift from the gods!!! The way you feel about Freddie, I feel about Adam!!

  • Gabi

    I am thrilled about the upcoming Queen and Adam Lambert tour. I won’t even start to compare Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert – both of them very talented singers and larger than life personalities – as one of them died a long time ago and has risen to legendary status already. However, I applaud Brian May and Roger Taylor for having the guts to go out big time one more time to do what they love with a man fronting the band that they obviously picked for all the right reasons.

  • Lauriellen

    To me Adam Lambert gave Brian and Roger a new life. ROCK ON!

  • Lily

    My favourite singer of all time is Freddie Mercury and I so love Queen’s music. Best stuff ever written. Adam Lambert is the only singer who can front Queen. I love his theatrics (actually prefer when he goes completely over the top). Brian and Roger made the right choice. Don’t forget this is not just an American tour. Queen is visiting, count them, seven cities in Canada and they have added a second show in Toronto because of the demand. I have my ticket – just 8 rows up from the floor and I get to see them in my home town in western Canada. Long live classic rock. (I’m getting so bored with today’s top pop 40 – too much Katy Perry, Pitbull, Rihanna. You know what I mean. I hope Adam’s third cd is a smash and he can inject some new life into today’s music.)

    • Sherry

      I am completely in agreement w you about these Top 40 Pop singers who are played constantly on radio. None of them hold a candle to Adam Lambert in talent and charisma. The music industry has its problems for sure. Also I’m envious of you seating at the Queen concert. I am going to Las Vegas show but my seat isn’t that close (orch section).

  • Lily

    Update…Queen + Adam are also visiting South Korea and Japan and I just read they will also be touring several citied in Australia. What’s next??…South Africa, Europe and what about Rio?

  • Barbra

    No one can replace Freddie. But no one right now can sing like Adam. I’m just glad Queen & Adam found each other – because now we can all enjoy their glorious music again.

  • Sherry

    Why do ppl continue to compare Adam and Freddie. they are completely different singers and incredibly talented in their own right. I have been a fan of Queen since they first performed in the US and even after Freddie passed away. Until Adam Lambert performed with Queen for the first time on AI I thought no one could do Queen justice. I was wrong. Adam is a perfect fit for Queen and I know Freddie would be so impressed with his talent and charisma. Adam is like Freddie a real “Showman.”

  • Lily

    You guys should go to youtube and search Queen Wembley or Freddie Mercury Wembley and you can see how Freddie commanded the stage and had the entire stadium in the palm of his hand and when he sings Who Wants to Live Forever it is almost gut-wrenching when you know he died too young.
    Adam Lambert has the same powerful voice and stage presence and IMO there is not another singer today who should front Queen. I hope Adam becomes a world star during this tour. He so deserves the recognition.