The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes (2014)

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As reported a few months back, tickets for a block of Bruce Springsteen shows went on sale on February 14th. I predicted that activities on that day might include: teeth-gnashing, jumping up and down, and sulking.

The final order of events turned out to be teeth-gnashing, followed by sulking, completed by a healthy round of jumping up and down. Oh, and there was some profanity too. Imagine that.

I was targeting the first of two nights at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Per usual, I worked from home that day to avoid the possibility of traffic keeping me from arriving at the office by sale time, 10 AM. The fun began when the clock ticked past 10. There were very long response times, no tickets available, and a whole lot of “please try again.” I was shut out, giving up after about 45 minutes. People had been reporting long before that time that the show was sold out. Also reported were many pairs of tickets already available at StubHub. Let the profanity and sulking begin.

At about 11AM, I saw somebody mention that they’d just pulled up a decent pair of lowers using the TicketMaster phone app. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I quickly installed the app and logged in. Search for tickets…type in capcha code…no tickets available. Search for tickets…type in capcha…no tickets available. And on and on. But I about the 8th try, boom! Two tickets! It’s very hard to complete a ticket sale when you’re jumping up and down, let me tell you.

So we’re heading off to the show tomorrow night. As it turns out, these two Mohegan Sun shows are the final dates of the High Hopes tour. There has been no shortage of rumors concerning the announcement of more dates. Lots of folks are saying that Bruce needs a rest, that his ideas have been played out. I have no doubt that Bruce might need a rest, but the whole ideas thing is up for debate. Maybe if he waits a year before releasing new material then the BruceFans™ will hold back on their whining. Actually, I doubt that.

What’ll happen at Mohegan? Will Bruce bust out some “epics”? Will he play “Jungleland”? “Rosalita,” maybe? If so, there’s gonna be a whole lotta jumping up and down going on in our section.

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