One Track Mind: Chris Jasper, “The One” from The One (2014)

The main architect behind such classic Isley Brothers slow jams like “Footsteps” and “Between The Sheets” is at it again, and even today no one does this better. Chris Jasper’s “The One” boasts the same uplifting vibe and tempo found on Jasper’s spiritual anthem “Caravan of Love.”

“The One” doesn’t call for world harmony, it’s “just” a good old fashioned love theme. But conveying affection for a special lady in song is another one of Jasper’s specialties, and the heartfelt expressiveness in his voice is as good as ever.

All and all, this tune takes me back to when soul music was overflowing with soul and most of radio’s best melodies came from that genre. Fortunately, there are still musicians around who hadn’t forgotten that.

“The One” is a sneak peek into Jasper’s next album of the same name. The One is his follow-up to Inspired (2013), and it’s coming out this summer. Until then, the advance track provides a strong reminder why Jasper along with the rest of the Isleys were honored a few months ago with a Lifetime Achievement Grammy. The passion that Chris Jasper put into an award-winning music career then still burns today.


Visit Chris Jasper’s website for more info.

S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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