One Track Mind: Garbage with Brody Dalle, “Girls Talk” (2014)

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A kick directly into the ass, Garbage’s “Girls Talk” finds Shirley Manson building, with teeth-clinched menace, toward a furious howl. Brody Dalle attempts to keep up for a while, but in the end, it’s only Manson. And she makes you feel — viscerally, completely, scarifyingly — every single thrumming molecule of her rage.

“Girls Talk” was one of two new tracks Garbage released for Record Store Day, along with “Time Will Destroy Everything.” Dalle is frontwoman for the Distillers.

Producer Butch Vig provides the newly released black-and-white in-studio footage above and, in no small way, it’s perfect. Manson appears as you’d expect for a session, un-dolled up, hair pulled up — ready to rock. It also perfectly matches the song’s furious cry for empowerment in the face of same-gender bullying.

“Girls Talk” is an updated out take from 2012’s Not Your Kind of People, Garbage’s most recent No. 13 hit studio recording. Garbage also released a collaboration last Record Store Day, “Because the Night” with the Screaming Females. A new album is expected in 2014.

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