One Track Mind: Nocturne Blue with Markus Reuter, “Circle Around the Synthetic Sun: Intro” (2014)

Markus Reuter, on a break from work with the Stick Men and the Crimson ProjeKCt, has added some dreamscape U8 Touch Guitar imagery to a new project by Dutch Rall, appropriately dubbed Nocturne Blue.

Without him, “Circle Around the Synthetic Sun: Intro” might have just been a mesmerizing journey through textures and strangely exotic cadences. With Reuter, the track takes on new depths of intrigue — as the guitarist adds sounds both angular and flowing, both gorgeous and serrated, both wonder-filled and chaotic.

Rall, a three-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker and musician, has previously worked David Lynch and Duran Duran. Anastasia Arteyeva stars in the hypnotizing film that accompanies the “Circle Around the Synthetic Sun: Intro.”

Reuter’s guitar work was recorded at Glaus Haus, while Rall put together the other instruments and voices at Incurable Media.

Nick DeRiso

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