‘There’s the guy!': Bruce Springsteen on his chance meeting with fan from Springsteen and I

For Bruce Springsteen, the recent documentary Springsteen and I offered an opportunity to glimpse inside the world of some of his most ardent followers. And, in at least one instance, to meet a surprised fan who was featured in the film.

“My favorite is the guy who is sitting on the couch, and he goes: ‘I’m making this video to say how much I love you,'” Springsteen recalls. “And then he goes: ‘No, not you, Bruce. You, the woman holding the camera — my wife.'” This fan goes on to make a passionate, very funny plea to shorten Springsteen’s marathon concerts — so he won’t be gone from home for so long.

That might have been the end of the story, except that Springsteen — while on a tour through Copenhagen — actually saw the couple on the street while sitting in a hotel bar. “I look out the window, and there’s the guy!,” remembers Springsteen, who just released a new EP called American Beauty. So Springsteen rushed out through a waiting crowd to grab him, and then shared a drink with the stunned couple. “He doesn’t know he’s been in any film,” Springsteen says.

Another treasured moment, Springsteen says, involves the couple who — having never actually seen the E Street Band in concert — are shown dancing in their kitchen to his music. “A lot of it is very funny, and a lot of is very moving,” Springsteen adds.

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