‘It will never look the same twice': Adrian Belew offers a sneak peek at Flux

Now that Adrian Belew has returned from an extensive tour with the Crimson ProjeKCt, he’s focusing again on his inventive on-going solo project Flux.

Designed he’s said to offer songs via a streaming app that are “never played the same way twice,” it promises to be an interactive musical experience like no other. Perhaps unsurprisingly, creating something that immersive is overflowing with detail work — and Belew has been at work on it for years.

Today, he’s sharing some of the contexual items that will be included with program, each of them designed to give listeners a fuller understanding of what each musical part means: “Things such as my comments about the piece you’re hearing, an interesting story about its background, an anecdote, song lyrics, and studio notes on how we did something and what gear I used and instruments I played,” Belew says. “At anytime while you’re listening, you can tap on the information button and a page like the screenshots seen here will appear.”

But, as with the songs, even this information is designed to evolve. “Of course, each time you access the information page, it will never look the same twice,” Belew adds.

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